Subprocessor Data Processing


FlowTrack uses a variety of third party service providers to assist with its Data Processing Activities. With these third parties we act as a Data Processor with the Service Provider and the Service Provider is a Subprocessor of FlowTrack. We only engage with Subprocessors that meet our high standards of data protection after conducting due diligence and is bound by an executed Data Processing Agreement with FlowTrack. Below is a complete list of Subprocessors.

Current Subprocessors of FlowTrack

Subprocessor Service Provided Location
Amazon Web Services Cloud Service Provider United States
Elasticsearch Cloud Service Provider United States
Google Email, File Storage United States
Twilio SMS Sending United States
SendGrid Email Sending United States
Stripe Payment Processor United States
HelpCrunch Support Chat United States

( We may update this list from time to time as we evolve and grow. Check back regularly for updates )

Subprocessors Outside Our Control

The FlowTrack Subscription Service allows our customers to connect and integrate with any third party service provider including any API. Our list of Subprocessors applies only to us as a Service Provider. If you have questions about the Data Processing Activities, including Subprocessors, of a FlowTrack Subscription Service customer please reach out to them directly